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SuperSmart, SuperSafe and SuperStrong.

Our values drive everything we do at SuperStruct. Who we hire, who we work for, how we interact with each other and how we interact with our client’s. We believe in our values and this is another major reason for what separates us from our competitors.





Creative Content
Web Design

Current website is severely outdated, not mobile responsive and the companies core values are not being represented in the best available light.
A modern, engaging digital presence that not only represents the brand in the best available lighting, but was also a key component in company merger.

A style guide designed to evolve.

Each design decision is backed by objective and overall user experience.

SuperStruct's web style guide outlines a foundation for future creative and will evolve to meet the needs and desires of their clients and site visitors.

Bringing it all together in design.

The approved design was a combination of professional and neutral tones, paired with images relaying on-site capability.

The new site structure and page interfaces communicate SuperStruct's expert industry knowledge and company vision.

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Thanks for viewing our case study. 👏

We had a lot of fun with this project.

To reduce time and cost we created custom templates to cater for numerous content types, over designing pages for every site section. Templates are modular, allowing SuperStruct to have maximum flexibility when applying designs to any additional pages.

SuperStruct manage the site themselves, our modular designs mean the team aren’t faced with content which doesn’t fit to their website.

Special thanks to Kyle, Peter & Raj.

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